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Entrepreneur’s need training too…

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  The biggest secret about training as an entrepreneur is that you can do most of it for FREE! Initial job training helps you to acclimate to your position and role within a company when you work a traditional 9-5 job as an employee. In management positions you often receive additional training that goes in depth about [...]

The Freedom of Discipline

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As I packed up and cleaned out my apartment, I saw the process as a reflection of my spiritual journey. I opened every door, checked every cupboard, and cleaned every floor while deciding what's necessary and what's excessive. Each item I tossed was a habit that no longer served me being dropped. The items wasting space along [...]

The Sprout of Daily Growth Marketing

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According to the State of Virginia, Daily Growth Marketing officially sprouted on June 2, 2016. However, many will tell you, that seed was planted decades before Internet Marketing ever became "a thing". During a conversation with my grandmother at our 4th of July family cookout this year she mentions a statement made by a 6 year [...]